Why You Should Start Working Out at Home

September 25, 2019

Why You Should Start Working Out at Home

As much as how it's attractive and more motivating to visit a gym for your daily work out, doing exercise or training at home offers far more advantages.

"I'm happy to go home early because then I can start working out."

TELK supports home and garage gym setup, and we've got FIVE reasons why you should too:

  1. Save Time - have you ever wondered how much time you're wasting traveling to and from the gym? With the many responsibilities and tasks to accomplish daily, saving time will be your most significant benefit. You can take away all those minutes of preparation + travel time and put them all on sweating those calories you had for breakfast instead. Bonus factor: You'll be able to squeeze in an extra task on your daily schedule because well, YOU SAVED TIME.
  2. Excellent Investment - along with time, saving money is another factor that will make you want to quit hitting the gym and start researching for the right fitness products for your home instead.  When you pay for that gym membership, you pay for EVERYTHING — even those equipment and membership perks that you will seldom use anyway. It's a long-term benefit and perfect investment for you, your health, and your wallet.
  3. Accessibility - nothing beats time flexibility, and it's not only offered to freelancers but also for those who have home gym setups as well. Did you wake up late? Is it snowing hard outside? You've got no excuse and no reason at all. The convenience of having your bathroom is another plus; you don't have to pack and unpack or worry about forgetting something. Everything you need is only a few steps away from you.
  4. Freedom and Privacy - crowded gyms are just the worst! It often causes distraction and annoyance over waiting in line for a piece of equipment or space to be available for use. The momentum of focus draws low, not to mention feeling self-conscious about trying out new routines and exercises. When you're at home, you don't have to worry about queues. No one will care about how you look when you're all sweaty or pushing yourself to the limit. Want a specific song on repeat to listen to while lifting those weights? Go ahead. Your gym, your rules.
  5. Hygiene - you have less control when you workout in the gym. You won't be able to know which equipment was used by a sick person or if the bench you'll be using was wiped off well. To also consider the fact that germs, bacterias, and viruses cannot be taken off by a simple wipe. It would be immensely safer to know that when you workout, the only germs you are exposed to are your own.

Health is Wealth. Going to the gym isn't the only answer for you to attain your fitness goals. It demands discipline and motivation; something that will internally come from you.

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