Better Muscle and Better Mental Health through Weightlifting

October 21, 2019

Better Muscle and Better Mental Health through Weightlifting

It's a fact that daily exercise does not only bring out the best in your physical and mental health. Physical movement also does wonders on your emotional well-being too. In celebration of World Mental Health Day, we at TELK encourages everyone to get up, start moving and get closer to feeling awesome!

"Everyone can give you their full support, but it's still your responsibility to take care of yourself."

Lift your Depression

Take control of your mood and muscles. Patients who are suffering depression feel weak and hopeless. When a person lifts weights, they do not only deliver strength but endorphins as well. It assists in decreasing the negative energy by showing both your mind and body that you're not what you think you are.

Lift your Anxiety

A busy schedule, pressure in achieving the goals, and other life obstacles cause anxiety. Being mindful of the present is the best relief possible for this psychological state. In strength training, the mind minimises all the tabs in your brain and focuses on just one thing: to lift. Lifting, on the other hand, pushes your body to inhale, squat, hold, release, and exhale repetitively. An increase in the supply of oxygen in your body promotes a state of calm. 

Lift your ADHD

Cases of individuals diagnosed with this mental illness are increasing. The inner obstacles: focus and impulsive behaviour. You already know the power of weight lifting in terms of maintaining focus. On the other hand, when a person diagnosed with ADHD lifts, their brain produces more dopamine that improves executive function and gives a feeling of satisfaction.

Lift your PTSD and Trauma

Mental illnesses have no cure. What can be done, however, is to manage and develop coping strategies when symptoms arise. Study shows that those who are diagnosed with PTSD and Trauma needs to restart and find their way back to hope. Training, on another research, concluded that it also helps improve the quality of sleep and reduce other triggering symptoms to PTSD patients.


We are not suggesting that weight lifting is the only thing you can do for these illnesses. Exercise helps, but If you are suffering from a much more severe mental health condition, we strongly advised seeing a medical professional.


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